My friend Allie convinced joined me in kicking off the New Year with a little primal eating. Why yes, the great 30 Day Paleo Challenge! I jumped on the gluten-free bandwagon in August—cutting out  wheat, grain, flour products, most days of the week ( cheeseburgers, waffles, donuts are nonnegotiable). Frankly I love it, fad or not. Not for what it cuts out, but what it forces you to replace it with.

But the fitness freak in me decided why not start the new year with a shock to the system? Being hypoglycemic, I know I benefit from a low-sugar diet. Sugar is by far the hardest thing for me to give up and as Allie knows, I wasn’t quite sure I could make it 30 days! So I’ll try to blog checking in with how it’s going.

Here’s what I’ve eaten today so far:

Breakfast: eggs, kale, avocado, pine nut scramble

Lunch: squash fries & shredded turkey

…and 10 cups of water. I’m thirsty like crazy. insane.

25 days to go!




I have two pet peeves that stand out. One, if I see ‘your welcome’, ‘your so nice’, ANY mention of where it should be you’re, you’ve lost me. Sorry.

Second is when you ask someone you haven’t seen in a while how’s it going?!?!…the response is something like, “Oh my gosh I’ve just been so busy!!! Work work work meeting meeting—that’s when I tune out.

Don’t get me wrong. I’m sure you live a very important life. I’m sure you are busy. Guess what? You’re not alone. I don’t feel the need to ever say I’m busy because my schedule is a choice, i love what I do, so being ‘busy’ doesn’t come up in my vocabulary. I know other people have their own things going on.

Which is why there is never an excuse to not work out unless you are too busy to take care of you. 

I won’t lie, it can be challenge. But when you are at your busiest, that’s when I find working out is most essential. 

So as promised, here’s my super basic 25 minute workout I do when all I have is, well, less than 30 minutes. All you need are weights (I use 10 lbs). You may want to look up some of the terms!

5 min – sprint around downtown 

5 min – legs; wall sit, jump-squats, kettlebell woodchop (works abs too), jump rope, ballet releves

5 min – arms; push-ups, bicep curls, hammer curls, tricep kickback, WVs

5 min – core series; plank, crunches, double crunches, scissor kicks, bicycle crunches

5 min – Dance; hip-hop, ballet (pick your favorite music and jam without shame.)

It’s enough to get your blood flowing and you feel the benefits mentally to energize you for the morning.

Since this is about food, here’s what I’ve been makin lately. Pretty basic!


Avocado & sea salt

ImageGreek yogurt, almond butter, ViShake, blueberries, cinnamon 


Egg, greens, olive oil, homegrown tomatoes, parmesan, sea salt




My pinterest recipe today! will post this later–Birthday cake popcorn 


Alright guys. Since day 1 of Kate’s Whole Plate 4 years ago (4 years?!), the mission of this blog has been to embrace wellness in body, mind, & spirit. Which means for me I openly roll my eyes at fad diets and am saddened by plans that promote starvation or little to no whole, real foods. So I was skeptical of the whole gluten free/grain free “trend” happening…

Then I got sent home from work a few weeks ago from a hypoglycemic episode. Blurred vision, nausuea…getting carried home in front of my peers was less than ideal…thank you Kelsey Bitney for saving me that day. We found out when I was 11 that my body didn’t process sugar normally; I got severe migraines from something as small as a few sips of Pepsi. So, I did something about it.

I have been officially gluten & grain free for 9 days! (yes, I’ve actually counted) Now, I didn’t think a) I’d like it b) It would do much c) that it would be too expensive

So far…I love it. My headaches stopped. I ran my best mile.  I don’t think grains are unhealthy at all, but it has simplified the choices of what my body needs. ANyone else tried it? 

I miss granola….a lot. And Heinz. And it is more difficult eating out. Other than that, it has really worked for me so far. I’m keeping it at as long as it’s working.

Still take my #allofthefoodz cheat day. I will never give up bread for life, love it too much & too many nutrients. Also coffee creamer is gluten free. Thank god.

Here’s some of the more boring, everyday stuff I’ve been eatin!


“spaghetti” with grass-fed beef, stewed tomatoes in olive oil, gorganzola, green onion, garlic, cherry tomatoes, cracked pepper

I had this photo on Facebook a while back but I make a huge batch of this every week for work: baked cauliflower with red pepper flakes, olive oil, butter, aged cheddar, cayenne

Plantain chips. (WARNING: ADDICTING.) Served with homemade guac. Seriously better than chips. No really this not where someone tells you tofu tastes better than cake. (it doesn’t)

Last week I did a photoshoot for Minnetonka Magazine. It was awesome! Also allowed me to cheat gluten-free :) The interviewer, naturally, asked about my love for donuts. Here’s the least unflattering photo for your enjoyment.

Since I’ve been on my new schedule I’ve gotten to spend more time at home, so it’s been a lot a few nights of drinking wine with family and friends.




I didn’t expect this whole gluten/grain free thing to stick so now I’m super excited to try new recipes. I should be getting Against All Grain soon in the mail…I’ll try to make regular recipes too!

And no. I will not give up donuts or hot dogs. 



Next blog post will have my 25 minute workout in it!


Nothing says this will be a good blog post like a lame selfie. Took this while training a friend who was interested in going through my go-to 25 min. interval workout…more on that later!

Let’s get to the food.

Let me start off by saying, a cheat day is NOT FOR EVERYONE. Underscore that. What I mean by a “cheat” or in my case, a “cheat day”, is eating wafflescakenachos processed, sugary, basically the foods I crave that don’t really fall into the nutritious category. For me having a day, usually in the weekend, where I throw the food pryamid out the window and just eat what my heart desires, helps me stay on track and also eat my favorite foods with friends going out. I’ve also found it seems to reenergize me to get back to my healthy eating and workouts. The danger with this is if you go way overboard, or you make it a cheat day that ends up lasting 5. That’s not gonna cut it. I just eat what I want when I want. So this is not necessarily for everyone, but here’s what Friday looked like.

breakfast: waffles, peanut butter, the real deal maple syrup, cranberry juice

lunch: powerbar & pringles (thanks, breaking news.)

snack: my photog bought me a caramel latte (with whip)! I drank about half with a monster cookie

dinner: Anchor fried fish & chips (the. best.—seriously if you have not been there go right now)

dessert: Wilde Roast carrot cake

Do I struggle sometimes getting back on track? Yes. You have to want to have a cheat meal or cheat day as a way to eat well most days and feed your body well, not to starve yourself or diet SO you can have a cheat meal. If that makes sense. So remember this concept does not work for everyone….man i want carrot cake.


You guys, I am overwhelmed with the  responses I got from the last post!! When I started KWP it started as a hobby, and while it remains just that, it is mind blogging to know it has inspired you! Thank you for those of you who reached out.

Several asked questions, some of them overlapped… I want to try out a Q & A experiment to make it easier to have one central place you can contact me (to be fair I do say in my voicemail you can take to Twitter, email, Facebook, phone…), so if you have a diet or fitness related question, please post it here on the blog (preference) or message me via Facebook. It can be anything from what I do for workouts when I’m tight on time (did you think was kidding about the Beyonce heels workout?) to if there’s a product you want me to try out and review. I’ll reply in a post and won’t know your names if you use the blog OR just won’t use your name anyway. Next answer post will be in response to a question I got about sweet nighttime craving squashers! :)


I recently talked with a close friend who’s been making an effort to take better care of herself, eat healthier, work out more, etc. She’s not overweight, far from it. Yet when someone caught her not cleaning her dinner plate, they asked her if she was on a diet and she was embarrassed.

It’s that mindset that gets to me. If you look at that photo of me above, the photo on the left was taken in December 2011 at almost my heaviest. The right, today. If I look at them separately, I see two seemingly healthy women. If I look at them together I go WOAH that’s drastic. I didn’t even realize I had gained weight my junior year. I was still happy…but I wasn’t challenging my body at all, I wasn’t fit.  I remember complaining I couldn’t run as well as I used to and my clothes quickly didn’t fit.  I was busy in school,in love, and I think  in denial about it creeping up on me because I was used to being the girl that could eat whatever I wanted. Yet if I complained–people would roll their eyes. I felt like I had to apologize for turning down french fries here and there, or wanting to go walking instead of a movie.

Why does it take getting to an UNhealthy point for taking initiative to BE healthy the acceptable way of life?  And why is it that if we have the carrots  we’re being “good” or if we have the cookie we’re being “bad”?

People thought I lost weight for my job, nope.  The day after that photo on the left was taken, I threw out my scale. I got fit by living my life.  For the record, I felt more confident and healthier long before getting back to my original size because I’m simply being healthier. Now I focus on overall health every single day, and very often that means several cookies and a nap.

Don’t apologize for that, no matter where you’re at.

My last post got almost 1,000 hits after no posting for 3 months! AND follow-up questions. You guys ROCK!

Since I covered what a typical day’s workout looks like for me, I thought I’d post what a typical day (in this case, yesterday) is like for me when it comes to eating.

That’s attractive.

I have what I call an 80/100 rule. I like to look back on my day and feel like I ate whole foods 80 percent of the time. I’ve said before I don’t count calories, I try to go by food groups and fresh vs. processed. So while I have proudly accepted the accurate title as the “in house donut connoisseur” that I’ve earned in the media (look for this in magazines on stands in September, seriously), I try to keep it in check.

My schedule doesn’t allow for sit-down meals, so during the week I tend to stick to 4-6 smaller meals. I tend to eat a lot less during the week since I’m busy and in bed by 7. On weekends I eat more normally and splurge–I can put a post up with what a typical Saturday might look like later, too.

Here’s yesterday’s eats:
330 AM – nonfat greek yogurt & coffee w/ honey, creamer
630 AM – overnight oats w/ almond butter, soy milk
1030 AM – salad with chicken, chick peas, spinach, blue cheese dressing
1 PM – 2 gas station hot dogs, sun chips, Pepsi
4 PM – low-fat frozen yogurt, mango

Yesterday I went back to Tiger Athletics for the bar workout and my abs are KILLING me. Awesome.

What makes it hard for you to stick to a healthy eating plan? For me, when I’m down I tend to eat crappy. When I’m angry I eat exceptionally well. So make me mad.


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